Cavurali is owned and operated by Tosun Sezen and Enver Lucas.  Father and son-in-law, both are true pioneers and leaders in their sea travel related fields. You will be in good hands on Cavurali, and be assured of great value and best overall trip operation.




Tosun Sezen is a native of Istanbul and a graduate of Robert College. He is a "peoples man", considerate and kind. He left Istanbul for Bodrum in the early 60's to fulfill his dream of sailing and diving for sponge in the Aegean and Mediterranean. That dream he certainly accomplished when he assembled his own sponge crew on several boats, and sailed for months at a time for a decade to distant places such as Libya, Eastern Asia Minor, and to many Greek Isles. He mastered the seas of his own neighborhood around Southwest Asia Minor while he made an adventurous living from sponge fishing. During this time he was acclaimed "the inventor of modern diving in Turkey" by coastal villagers. He introduced Turkish sponge divers the use of hookah diving, and more importantly, thought US Navy decompression techniques. He is the designer and builder of the first Turkish made decompression chamber, a service that was utilized widely during sponge fishing expeditions in and around Bodrum and the North African coast. In later years, Tosun moved back to Istanbul, owned and operated a business in underwater construction including salvage and pipe-laying work. This he successfully continued for many years until retiring as the captain of Cavurali. Tosun is married to a Swiss woman named Josette, and they reside in Olympos - Cirali near Antalya.

Enver Lucas is a Turkish American who introduced adventure travel to Turkey. After graduating from TED Ankara Koleji and college in San Diego, he lived in Yosemite National Park for over a decade. Here he learned about the hospitality business and became an avid mountaineer, skier and naturalist. He became a professional whitewater rafting guide and worked many Western US rivers before returning to Turkey to navigate the first descent of the Coruh River. Enver remained in Turkey to climb mountains and to author his book Trekking In Turkey for Lonely Planet, he married Tosun's daughter, and then started his own company specializing in adventure travel tour operations in Turkey. Enver realized the potential for tourism along the beautiful Turkish Coast at a time when pleasure trips there were unheard of so he researched the area from that perspective. He is considered the pioneer of classic, ecologically safe, and culturally interactive sailing itineraries in Turkey such as "The Turquoise Coast" and "The Sapphire Seas". Enver is an accredited professional guide and tour operator for connoisseuýrs, and works with leading American adventure travel firms such as Geographic Expeditions and Wilderness Travel.