Diving in Turkey is fun, exciting, and rewarding.  The limestone underwater strata offers interesting formations including many caves, sinkholes, canyons, and reefs. Ideally, Cavurali can be used as a live-on-board diving boat with a broad scope of diving areas at her disposal.  With Tosun Sezen at the helm, you have a local diving guru “included”, and he comes complete with a wealth of information and wonderful companionship.

The waters of Turkey may lack the variety of colorful marine life found in tropical waters. However, diving in these clear waters laden with lost Byzantine and Roman anchors of stone and metal, and swimming over amphora jugs in which ancient mariners transported their wine and grains is truly exhilarating.   Marine life is not to be discounted.  Grouper, moray eel, schools of mullet, bream, snapper, octopus, caretta caretta sea turtles and monk seal are common among many other species, and certainly provide that magical marine observation experience in full satisfaction.  
There probably is no other country in the world with a larger inventory of shipwrecks than Turkey, with wrecks dating from the bronze age to modern times.  Among these, the Gallipoli wrecks of the WW1 British fleet are very important and unique, and of very special interest.  Having worked in the area intensively, Tosun Sezen is a natural for guiding dives in this area, and Cavurali can be arranged for a special diving expedition to Gallipoli.  Diving here is not restricted. Special permits are required to dive in off-limits waters in other parts of the coast that contain antiquities and ancient wrecks.
Most divers prefer to bring their own BCD, regulator, and mask/fins to ensure personal comfort although these items are available for rental together with tanks, weights and wetsuits.  Cavurali is equipped with a high pressure compressor for convenient and unlimited air supply.