There are few truly classic and honestly fulfilling trips left to be experienced in our world.  Sailing the southwest coast of Asia Minor is certainly one of them.  People call it the "Turquoise Coast", "Sapphire Seas", or  "Aquamarine Waters".  

All true, but none get quite close enough to justly describe this sailing vacation.  In addition to the color of her unpolluted crystal clear waters, the natural beauty of her unspoiled coastline and perfect climate; it's the hospitality and honesty of her people, the deliciously healthy Mediterranean cuisine and the unsurpassed variety and quantity of archaeological sites that further accentuate a voyage here.
You will:

This is a truly a timeless experience in the middle of God's country.  This is the old world where ancient philosophers were inspired and epic myths were written.  Modern travelers continue to get captivated here and want to return time after time.    

Sailing in Turkey is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.  It is good value for your money, and for the concerned western traveler of our day, it's safe and honestly welcoming.  We welcome you to live the experience of these havens on m/s Cavurali.  You'll be doing yourself a favor.

The extent of the navigable portion of Turkey's southwest coast is great.  It extends roughly from Bodrum to Antalya, a distance of roughly 300 nautical miles as the gull flies.  With dozens of wilderness coves and bays, islands, lagoons, coastal towns and villages, the distance becomes closer to 500 nautical miles.  If the Greek Isles lying just off the Turkish coast are included in any itinerary, the scope becomes even larger.  Allowing enough time for playing in the water, meals, sailing, sightseeing, and cove hopping, we normally proceed under power for 4 hours a day, an average of 35 nautical miles.  When planning a trip to this region, at least one week should be allocated for being on the boat.  This duration can easily and very enjoyably be extended to ten days or to two weeks, depending on the time you have.  If you have only one week and it's your first time sailing in Turkey, we recommend sailing between Finike and Gocek, or vice versa.   This portion of the coast has the best combination of wilderness coves, many attractive sites of antiquity, and charming coastal villages and towns.  The coastal flora and strata is varied in this portion also, changing from lush pine forests skirting steep and high mountains to dry olive and carob country with karstic rock and sandy beaches defining the shores.